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July 7-11 2015
Deadline: March 13, 2015

Emerging concepts of the neuronal cytoskeleton, Chile 2015

22 – 26 March 2015 | Puerto Varas, Chile


Call from the French Society for Neuroscience


The French Neuroscience Society offers support to a certain number of young South American researchers willing to attend the 12th meeting of the French Neuroscience Society, which will take place in Montpellier, in May 2015, and to visit French laboratories to find a post-doctoral position in France.

III Simpósio Miguel Ozorio de Almeida


The Center for Brain and Spinal Cord Repair at The Ohio State University announces we are currently accepting applications for our Craig H. Neilsen Foundation-funded Spinal Cord Injury Training Program, which will take place May 10-22, 2015.
Please visit our Spinal Cord Injury Training Program website at sci.osu.edu for more information on the curriculum outline as well as the application.
Partial scholarships are available based on need.

Applications Open for the IBRO World Congress Travel Grants

IBRO now welcomes Travel Grant applications to the 9th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience, taking place July 7 to 11, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


5th international Art of Neuroscience

The 5th annual Art of Neuroscience competition is now accepting submissions from neuroscientists worldwide. We are  calling upon you to submit spectacular images and/or movies depicting your work, or a neuroscientific concept and which illustrate the beauty of the brain. Two prices will be awarded each in the amount of 500€. One in the category best image, and one in the category best movie. Participants need to register to compete at our website: http://aon.nin.knaw.nl using their institution E-mails.


Release of chemical transmitters from cell bodies and dendrites of nerve cells

The release of serotonin from the cell body of a Retzius neuron in the nervous system of the leech. The original image was profduced by Professor Francisco F De Miguel and Professor John Nicholls

Recent experiments have shown that cell bodies and dendrites of neurons can liberate transmitter molecules.  In this discussion the mechanism of such release will be compared with that occurring in presynaptic terminals, glial cells and endocrine cells. A major focus will concern the way in which release from cell bodies influences essential functions of the central nervous system.

Site: https://royalsociety.org/events/2015/01/chemical-transmitters/



Advanced Techniques in Molecular Neuroscience


June 30 - July 16, 2015 - Applications due: March 31

Ion Channels & Synaptic Transmission


June 3 - 23, 2015
Applications due: March 15

Tiago Branco, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Stephan Brenowitz, Janelia Farm Research Campus/HHMI
Ian Duguid, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Paul Kammermeier, University of Rochester Medical Center


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