Latin American Fellows Program in the Biomedical Sciences New!

Pew Fellows Award to Pursue Postdoctoral Training in the U.S.

The Pew Latin American Fellows Program in the Biomedical Sciences provides support for young scientists from Latin America to receive postdoctoral training in leading laboratories in the United States. The program gives these individuals an opportunity to further their scientific knowledge and advance biomedical research in Latin America, while promoting exchange and collaboration between investigators in the United States and Latin America.




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A trailblazer for joint supervision programs in Australia, Macquarie University has been participating in cotutelle and joint PhD programs since 1999. We further committed to fostering excellence in 2007 by embedding the programs as a formal component of our research strategy.
As of the end of 2014, Macquarie University has hosted more than 210 cotutelle and joint PhD candidates with more than 110 universities in over 30 countries, led by Europe and China.


Macquarie University: 30 international scholarships New!

Higher Degree Research Funding Opportunities
The Macquarie University (MQ) has just opened more than 30 international scholarships.
Dead lines: September 30, 2015

Link: Macquarie University Higher Degree Research - Scholarship Rating Sheet 


Uruguay: XII International Congress of Neuroethology New!

March 30 - April 3, 2016
Satellite Activities: March 28 - 30, 2016
Montevideo, Uruguay
Abstract submission: Sep 1, 2015 - Jan 15, 2016
Early registration:  Sep 1, 2015 - Jan 15, 2016
Late registration: Jan 16 - March 15, 2016

Official Site:


Chile: Neuroscience Methods I New!

Deadline: July 31, 2015
Course Length: 2 weeks intensive
Occupancy: 12 students
Requirements: Be a regular student of a doctoral program or Master of Science
Home Course: Monday August 17, 2015
Cost: The course costs $ 100,000


NANOPDICS: Postdoctoral positions available New!


Optoelectrical Dynamics of Ion Channel Activation in Calcium Nanodomains

We are looking for highly motivated postdocs to join an ERC Consolidator funded project aimed to study ion channels in neuronal calcium nanodomains using a combination of genetics, electrophysiology and state-of-the-art imaging techniques.

Funding: European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant (ERC‐2014-CoG-NANOPDICS). Each position is open for up to five years.


Turkey: 1st International Brain Research School New!

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 24 July 2015


XI Annual Meeting of the Chilean Society for Neuroscience

22-25 September in Coquimbo / Deadline to apply: July 30, 2015.
The XI Annual Meeting of the Chilean Society for Neuroscience will be held in conjunction with the XXX Annual Meeting of the Chilean Society of Physiological Sciences and the XXXVII Annual Meeting of the Society of Pharmacology Chile.


16 National Congress of SENC


23 - 25 Septembre, 2015 - Granada, España

At the Biannual SENC Congress, taking place on 2015 (23/25 Sept) several innovations will be gaining shape, these, together with the activities and other  already regular actions,  form a Program which pretends to make our Congress the best possible Forum for the promotion of our work and the advancement of our members,  placing a greater emphasis on the younger professionals.


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