The University of Brescia (Italy) offers 6 positions for Ph.D. Students in Neuroscience

The University of Brescia (Italy) offers 6 positions for Ph.D. Students in Neuroscience as follows:

2 positions awarded with scholarship (Gross Salary: € 13,638.48 per year) are open to Students with italian and EU citizenship

1 position awarded with scholarship is open to Students with non-italian citizenship (both EU and extra-EU)

3 positions without scholarship of which one reserved for Students with non-italian citizenship (both EU and extra-EU)

We provide:

excellence in research
a comprehensive choice of topics in internationally recognized research groups
supervision by qualified PhD-Project-Tutors
scientific and transferable skills training
support for external training and conferences

The lenght of the PhD program is three years; Students should gain 60 ECR/year for a total of 180 ECR.


Basic Neuroscience: research topics

Receptor neurobiology; Neuroanatomy; Neurophysiology; biology and pharmacology of second messengers; receptor-receptor interactions; Intracellular mechanisms regulating exocytosis; Mechanisms of neurodegeneration in models of Alzheimer’s and Pakinson’s diseases;

Translational Neuroscience: research topics

Development and characterization of animal models of brain diseases; in vivo and in vitro gene transfer; Experimental models of neurologic diseases; experimental neuropathology; experimental neuroendocrinology; identification of peripheral markers of neurodegenerative diseases; identification and validation of new targets for drug development; New methods to study brain diseases: development of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) from human fibroblasts; differentiation of iPS into specific neuronal phenotypes.

Clinical Neuroscience: research topics

Physiopathology of memory dysfunctions; Diagnosis and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases; Physiopathology and therapy of headache; Children Neuropsychiatry; Neuroimaging in brain diseases; Neurosurgery: spinal cord injury; brain tumors; Clinical Neurology; Clinical Neuroendocrinology; Nursing

Applications should submitted online from August 10 to September 27 at 12 pm

Courses will start on November 1st 2012

To apply please link to following address:

For further information you can get in touch with

Cristina Missale

Coordinator of the PhD Program in Neuroscience