The Association will aim the objectives listed below and may carry on business in the scope of Neuroscience at the Latin American Region, Spain, Portugal and the Caribbean:

a) To promote the study and research of neuroscience;
b) Encourage links and exchanges between partners and national, regional and international bodies concerned with discipline;
c) To promote and sponsor scientific activities that the partners to have both in Chile and in their own countries;
d) Encourage the development and consolidation of Neuroscience in emerging countries;
e) To encourage and promote the creation of new companies Neuroscience in the countries of the region;
f) To promote and recommend guidelines for teaching of neuroscience through its partners;
g) Promote the exchange of students and scientists and researchers of the discipline in the Latin American Region, Spain, Portugal and the Caribbean;
h) To disseminate academic and scientific activities related to neuroscience, and hosts congresses, symposia and meetings aimed at fulfilling its aims and purposes;
i) Promote awareness of Neuroscience between the public and the relevant authorities;
j) To interact with public and private authorities and enter into agreements of any kind to the progress of research in Neuroscience and its influence on society;
k) Perform the Congress of the Federation that apply.