Brasil: Post doc position Universidade de São Paulo

Post doc position available at the Laboratory of Sensory Psychophysiology
Instituto de Psicologia, Universidade de São Paulo, supervised by Dora Fix Ventura

The project “Development and Implementation of Visual Evaluation Methods: Clinical Applications and Animal Models” (FAPESP Grant number: 2014/26818-2) has one post doctoral scholarship position, lasting 24 months.
The objective of the project is to develop protocols and/or methodologies for research in diseases that affect the human visual system, and to investigate in animal models basic visual mechanisms and their changes in diseases that affect the visual system. The recipient of the fellowship will be dedicated to the following subproject:
- Electrophysiological, morphological and immunohistochemical characterization of an experimental model of autoimmune uveitis.
Candidate requirements: diploma in psychology, biology or equivalent; doctorate in neuroscience or equivalent; experience in visual electrophysiology in animal models, morphological methods for study of the retina and statistical data analysis.
The candidate will be responsible for all stages of the project, including acquisition and care of the research animals, electrophysiological and morphological experimental procedures and data analysis. When necessary, the candidate will also be responsible for training students at the undergraduate or graduate levels. He will be encouraged to offer or participate in the teaching of graduate courses.

Contact: Dora Fix Ventura
Professora Titular - Colaborador Senior
Instituto de Psicologia da Universidade de São Paulo