Chile: Postdoctoral Research Positions on Biomedical Neuroscience

Bridge Postdoctoral Fellowships ­ August 2016

ICBM­Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Chile Santiago, Chile


The Biomedical Neuroscience Institute (BNI; offers full time Bridge Postdoctoral positions to work in collaborative projects within the Institute. BNI is a Millennium Institute created in 2011, which groups 12 labs and approximately 200 people to provide a vibrant research environment. The Institute research focuses on understanding the structural and functional organization of the brain at a sub­cellular, cellular and whole organism level, applying an integrated and multidisciplinary strategy provided by cell biologists, neuroscientists —basic and clinical— and mathematicians.

We are seeking highly qualified and proactive candidates with experience in any field of expertise present in our center. Please visit our web site for areas of interest ( Applicants must have a Ph.D. at the time of appointment (awarded within the last 4 years), a demonstrated track record of publications, should be willing to expand their knowledge and create new projects that associate 2 or more BNI labs. The appointment may begin as soon as September 2016, and may last for a maximum of one and a half years. Candidates are required to apply to the FONDECYT 2017 Postdoctoral competition (see below) to extend their funding for 3 years within the BNI.


­Candidates are expected to write a project, which should be framed according to the philosophy and topics of the BNI.
­The sponsor must be a BNI Principal or an Adjunct Investigator and should not have been a former PhD mentor of the candidate ( ­Applicants must comply with the rules and apply to a FONDECYT Postdoctoral grant 2017 (­de­postdoctorado­ 2017).


Interested researchers should send a complete CV and a short statement of research interests (max of 1 page) to Prof. Pedro Maldonado ( In addition, the application should include a 3­page summary of the research project, including aims, name of the sponsor and co­sponsor(s) and a clear statement indicating how this project will help the association of the BNI labs. Applicants should also request 2 letters of recommendation and arrange that they be delivered directly to Dr. Maldonado. Applications will be received until August 10, 2016.