Brasil: Neurotoxicity Society and International Neurotoxicology Association

May 20-23, 2017, Florianopolis, Brazil 

Greetings NTS and INA Members and Interested Neurotoxicologists:

We will be having the Joint Meeting of the Neurotoxicity Society and International Neurotoxicology Association May 20- 23, 2017 in Florianopolis, Brazil. Florianopolis is a vibrant, culturally and intellectually rich city on the coast of south Brazil. It is the capital city of Santa Catarina state. Florianopolis is home to the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, which has a considerable research effort including neurotoxicology.

The Convention opens on the afternoon of May 20th with a workshop by Illumina, followed by a Keynote talk by Dr. Tim Greenamyre “Parkinson disease: At the intersection of genes and environment”, and a light dinner at the hotel. It ends with the banquet on the evening of May 23rd.

Symposia cover a variety of cutting-edge neurotoxicology areas including: Inflammation, Viruses, Antibiotics, Drugs of Abuse, Therapeutic Drugs, Parkinson’s Disease, Neurodegeneration, Cell Death, High Throughput Neurotoxicity Testing, Sensory Toxicity, Mitochondrial mechanisms, Metabolic Disorders, Autism, Impacts of Early Life Stress. Workshops with Agilent/Seahorse on mitochondrial bioenergetics and with Illumina for new technologies.

There remain opportunities for Open Platform Talks, Student talks and Instrumentation Workshops with an abstract deadline of March 1st. For speakers, abstracts are required no later March 1. Please send abstract submissions to Ed Levin ( and Julie Anderson (

Student Travel Awards are available: See the INA Website for meeting travel awards or the Agilent/Seahorse website for a special travel award for work examining mitochondria bioenergetics.


Registration is available at the link below. Costs are modest at US$760 for members with single room accommodations that is inclusive of meeting, hotel, and social events. Lower costs are available for shared hotel rooms. Student and post- doc discounts are provided. As a special for the host country Brazilian scientists, member discounts are offered as well as options for attending only the scientific sessions. Social events can be individually purchased. 2DD7A2%2D42AB%2DA093%2D8B98F474B41B&clear=1

For discounts in travel arrangements (international or national) and travel insurance please contact WayUp; Contact: Gisele Gonçalves Please note travel visa requirements for entry into Brazil.

We look forward to seeing you in Florianopolis, Brazil this May 20-23 for an exciting and important meeting. Best,
María-Trinidad Herrero Ezquerro