Prof. Osvaldo Uchitel was invited to the New SfN Series Reflects on Notable Careers

Notable Careers: Reflections on Science, Leadership, and Community, a new series on Neuronline, features retired neuroscientist from Argentina Prof.   Osvaldo Uchitel.

This f interview series, a first for SfN, follows the careers of esteemed neuroscientists, highlighting how they found their place in and shaped the neuroscience field and how community-building and transitions impacted and guided their trajectories.

Join these neuroscientists as they offer a glimpse into their personal and professional lives and the careers they built through scientific discovery and personal connections. They discuss their hopes for the future of the field while reflecting on their own accomplishments and challenges and offering advice to neuroscientists at any career stage. 

Just some of the topics they touch on include training and working abroad, collaborations, building programs, workplace environments, mentoring, and resilience.

Osvaldo Uchitel focuses on what it was like to conduct high-quality science and rebuild a neuroscience community in Argentina despite scarce funding and a volatile political climate. “My environment was not easy. We didn’t have a lot of resources, but with highly motivated students, we still kept our science at the highest level,” reflects Uchitel.

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