Chile: Postdoctoral position in neurobiology

The current research of behavioral neurobiology laboratory of Universidad Católica del Norte is regarding with the understanding of the cellular, molecular and neurobiological mechanisms involved in the vulnerability to suffering alterations in mental health, such as depression, schizophrenia and drug addiction as a consequence of alcohol exposure in utero.


París: Postdoctoral Position - Neurophysiology


French National Centre for Scientific Research

We are seeking to recruit as soon as possible talented and motivated post-doctoral fellows with experience in electrophysiology and imaging techniques that love science and are fascinated by dendrites, synapses and neuronal circuits.

France: Post-doc position in Neurosciences

Humbert lab
« Neural progenitors and brain pathologies » GIN – Inserm 1216 – University Grenoble Alpes


Brasil: Post doc position Universidade de São Paulo


Post doc position available at the Laboratory of Sensory Psychophysiology
Instituto de Psicologia, Universidade de São Paulo, supervised by Dora Fix Ventura

The project “Development and Implementation of Visual Evaluation Methods: Clinical Applications and Animal Models” (FAPESP Grant number: 2014/26818-2) has one post doctoral scholarship position, lasting 24 months.

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