Sobre a FALAN

The Federation of Latin American and Caribbean Neurosciences (Falan) was formed in 2013 with the aim of promoting the study and research of neuroscience and promote links and exchanges between partners and national, regional organizations and international related discipline.
Its legal headquarters in Santiago, Chile.

FALAN mission is to:

Facilitate scientific interaction and exchange between its member societies and individual neuroscientists (in and outside Latin-America).
Promote education and training in neuroscience across Latin-America (young neuroscientist, state of the art).
Promote understanding and involvement in neuroscience among the general public and to decision-makers.

Full Members:

“Sociedad Argentina de Investigación en Neurociencias” (SAN)

“Sociedade Brasileira de Neurociencias e Comportamento” (SBNeC) 

“Sociedad Chilena de Neurociencia” (SCN). 

“Colegio Colombiano de Neurociencias” (COLNE) 

“Sociedad de Neurociencias de Cuba” (SONECUB) 

“Sociedad Mexicana de Ciencias Fisiológicas” (SMCF) 

“Sociedad Mexicana de Neurociencias y Neurobiología” 

“Sociedad de Neurociencias de Uruguay” 

Associated Members:

“Sociedad Española de Neurociencias” (SENC)

Neuroscience groups:  

Programa de Investigación en Neurociencias de Costa Rica

Sociedad Boliviana de Neurociencias



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