Special Events: Symposia and Workshops

Meet the Professor

"Neuroscience at lunch with a good friend” Professor John G. Nicholls

Chairs: E. Del-Bel and F. De Miguel
Professor John Nicholls will give a lecture about his views on neurosciences and many other issues followed by an informal discussion. This is one of the activities for which John is most remembered by students everywhere in the world. It will give an unique opportunity for many new students and also to his former ones.  The lecture will be held during lunch time; very simple food will be available.


Neuroscience and Education: Prime Time to Build the Bridge

Chair: Mariano Sigman (Argentina)
Summary: As neuroscience gains social traction and entices media attention, the notion that education has much to benefit from brain research becomes increasingly popular. However, it has been argued that the fundamental bridge toward education is cognitive psychology, not neuroscience. In this symposium we will present  specific cases in which neuroscience synergizes with other disciplines to serve education, ranging from very general physiological aspects of human learning such as nutrition, exercise and sleep, to brain architectures that shape the way we acquire language and reading, and neuroscience tools that increasingly allow the early detection of cognitive deficits, especially in preverbal infants. Neuroscience methods, tools and theoretical frameworks have broadened our understanding of the mind in a way that is highly relevant to educational practice. Although the bridge’s cement is still fresh, we argue why it is prime time to march over it.
- Presentation 1: Physiology in School Learning: Eat, Sleep, Exercise - Speaker: Sidarta Ribeiro (Brazil)
- Presentation 2: Mechanisms of sleep-dependent learning - Speaker: Jan Born (Germany)
- Presentation 3: Time and Numbers: From Lab to School - Speaker: Alejandro Maichine (Uruguay)
- Presentation 4: The illusion of knowledge - Speaker: Mariano Sigman (Argentina)


How can Neuroscience Research Impact the Global Burden of Disease

Chair: Pedro Valdes-Sosa (Cuba)
Summary: Special Activity
- Presentation 1: Learning disabilities in children. State of the  art and future challenges - Speaker: Vivian Reigoso-Crespo (Cuba)
- Presentation 2: Population-based neuroimaging and GWAS: OCTAGENE study and clinical implications - Speaker: Edson Amaro Jr. (Brazil)
- Presentation 3: A role for the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) in helping shape global health policy decisions - Speaker: Larry W. Swanson (IBRO)


How to get published

Chair: J. Lerma


Latin American Brain Mapping Network

Chair: V. della Maggiore
​Neuroscience and neuroimaging research in Latin America is hindered by a lack of critical mass within any single country. LABMAN (www.labman.org) is an initiative intended to formalize disparate collaborative threads into a Latin American network via exchange of software, data, personnel, training and ideas through training and collaboration. This meeting is intended at recruiting more laboratories and members interested in human brain mapping research, discussing current and future collaborative projects in the region and sharing information regarding new developments. Please join us!


Submitting your work to an international journal: the peer-review system and what we expect in a good paper

Chair: P. Bolam