Special Lectures

Rodrigo Andrade (Chile/USA)
"Using optogenetics to interrogate serotonergic synaptic transmission in the mammalian brain"

Jorge Bergado (Cuba)
“Time and timing in neurophysiology. Lessons from synaptic tagging”

Juan Carlos Brenes (Costa Rica)
"Effects of environmental enrichment on brain plasticity, cognition and social communication in rats"

Newton Canteras (Brazil)
"The many paths to fear"

Zulma Janeth Dueñas Gómez (Colombia)
"Exploring neuroendocrine mechanisms of sexual dimorphism in early stress response: a translational approach"

Diogo O. Gomes de Souza (Brazil)
"Neuroprotective effect of guanosine in experimental models of brain diseases"

Maria Cecilia Hidalgo (Chile)
"Calcium signaling, cellular oxidative tone and synaptic plasticity"

Nibaldo Inestrosa (Chile)
SCN Distinction Conference: “Wnt signaling and Alzheimer’s Disease”

Jorge Medina (Argentina)
Caputto Conference: ”Modulation of the duration of aversive and appetitive memories”

José Roberto Sotelo (Uruguay)
Clemente Estable Conference: “Schwann cell to axon RNA transfer”

Alejandro Schinder (Argentina)
De Robertis Conference: “Activity and Neurogenesis-mediated Circuit Remodeling in the Hippocampus”

Pablo Torterolo (Uruguay)
Elio Garcia Austt Conference: “Melanin concentrating hormone in mesopontine raphe nuclei: role in REM sleep and depression”

Mitchell Valdes Sosa (Cuba)
“Neural mechanisms for the configuration of selective attention”