Mexico: 22nd International Symposium on Regulatory Peptides

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  • •  Abstract submission for contributed talks and travel awards: March 15, 2018

  • •  Early registration: March 15, 2018

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  • Plenary speakers:

    Laura Bohn (Scripps Institute, Florida, USA), 2018 Victor Mutt Awardee and Lecturer: Refining opioid receptor signaling to improve the therapeutic index

    Jean-Louis Charli (IBT, UNAM, Mexico): Peptide-degrading enzymes and the control of peptide action in vivo

    Suzanne Dickson (University of Gothenburg, Sweden): Impact of peripheral regulators of energy balance on the reward system

    Gareth Leng (University of Edinburgh, UK): The heart of the brain: the hypothalamus and its hormones

    Robert C. Malenka (Stanford University, USA): Oxytocinergic gating of social reward

    Andrew V. Schally (Department of Veterans Affairs and University of Miami, USA): Hypothalamic hormones; from neuroendocrinology to therapy of cancer and other diseases and conditions

    Peptide Pioneers Roundtable:

    C. Sue Carter: (Indiana University, USA)
    Luis de Lecea: (Stanford University, USA)
    José Antunes Rodríguez: (University of Sao Paolo, Brazil) Philip Lowry: (University of Reading, UK)


    W1. How to improve peptide delivery for possible clinical application. Chair: David Vaudry (Rouen, France)

    W2. Peptide-based drug discovery for CNS disorders: Avenues and barriers.

    Chair: William Z. Potter (Bethesda, USA) W3. Meeting editors-in-chief: TBA


S1. Clock mechanisms of mammalian SCN: From peptide to network interactions. Chair: Raúl Aguilar-Roblero (Mexico City, Mexico)
S2. Neuropeptide regulation of stress and its consequences. Co-chairs: Greti Aguilera (Bethesda, Maryland, USA) and James P. Herman (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

S3. Neuropeptides and social behavior. Chair: Tallie Z. Baram (Irvine, USA)
S4. Interaction of Hypothalamic peptidergic circuits in the organization of Physiology and behavior. Chair: Ruud M. Buijs (Mexico City, Mexico)
S5. Neuroendocrine peptide GPCRs: from function to therapeutic targets. Co- chairs: Hélène Castel (Rouen, France) and Richard Leduc (Sherbrooke, Canada)
S6. New insights in the hypothalamic regulation of energy metabolism by neuropeptides. Co-chairs: Nicolas Chartrel (Rouen, France) and Carole Rovère (Valbonne, France)
S7. The language of stress: neuropeptides and concerted CNS signaling. Chair: Lee E. Eiden (Bethesda, USA)
S8. Neuropeptide function in fear circuits. Chair: Francesco Ferraguti (Innsbruck, Austria)
S9. Presentation of self-peptides in the thymus: An essential event of life. Chair: Vincent Geenen (Liege, Belgium)
S10. Neuropeptides and neurodegeneration. Co-Chairs: Illana Gozes (Tel Aviv, Israel) and Seiji Shioda (Tokyo, Japan)
S11. Extrahypothalamic functions of magnocellular neurons: optogenetics, development and behavior. Chair: Valery Grinevich (Heidelberg, Germany)
S12. What’s new with POMC, TRH, PRL and GH neuroendocrine actions. Co- chairs: Patricia Joseph-Bravo (Cuernavaca, México) and Dave Grattan (Dunedin, New Zealand):
S13. Drug design for the apelin receptor across diverse pathophysiological indications: Peptide drug development strategies from bench and clinic to approval. Co-Chairs: Catherine Llorens-Cortes (Paris, France), Eric Marsault and Mannix Auger-Messier (Sherbrooke, Canada)
S14. Contemporary approaches to studying peptidergic neurons. Chair: Mike Ludwig (Edinburgh, UK)
S15. Chromogranin- and other protein-derived bioactive peptides: cardiovascular, immune, endocrine and metabolic functions. Chair: Sushil Mahata (San Diego, USA)
S16. Neuropharmacology of vasopressin and oxytocin: physiology and behavior. Chair: Maurice Manning (Ohio, USA)
S17. Peptides and their receptors as oncotargets. Chair: Terry Moody (Bethesda, USA)
S18. Neuropeptides in inflammatory processes. Chair: Erika Pintér (Pecs, Hungary) S19. Nesfatin-1: Update on a pleiotropic peptide. Co-chairs: Andreas Stengel (Tübingen, Germany) and Yvette Taché (Los Angeles, USA)
S20. Neuropeptides in headache, inflammation and neuroinflammatory pain: Basic science to clinical trials. Chair: James A. Waschek (Los Angeles, USA)
Y1. Young Investigator Symposium. Co-chairs: Vito S. Hernández (Mexico City, México) and André Mecawi (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)