00:00 We will start shortly
09:20 Opening – Elaine Del Bel – FALAN president
14:15 Brief FALAN history – Previous presidents of FALAN – Osvaldo Uchitel (ARG)
31:20 Plenary Lecture 1: “Spatio-temporal neuron specification in the developing spinal cord” – Speaker: Guillermo Lanuza (ARG) – Chair: Pablo López (SAN-ARG)
1:34:15 Break 1:56:46 SYMPOSIUM 1: “Cellular mechanisms in neuroscience” – Chair: Mauricio Galiano (ARG)
1:58:16 Speaker 1: Elena Avale (ARG): “Post-transcriptional regulation of the microtubule associated protein tau: Functional consequences and therapeutic perspectives”
2:28:16 Speaker 2: Alejandra Alvarez (CHI): “ABL kinases at the crossroads of healthy synaptic remodeling and synaptic dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases”
2:54:50 Speaker 3: Susana Castro (MEX): “Autophagy dysfunction contributes to neuronal senescence”
3:14:57 Speaker 4: Mychael Lourenco (BRA): “Mechanisms of neuronal dysfunction and neuroprotection in Alzheimer’s disease”
3:34:16 Final remarks
3:56:15 Lunch break
5:07:04 Getting to Know FALAN – Chair: Belén Elgoyhen (FALAN)
5:10:00 FALAN Network presentation – Speaker: Paola Haeger (FALAN)
5:17:50 Virtual map of neuroscience from Argentina – Speaker Marcela Brocco (ARG)
5:24:48 Latin American forum for research assessment (DORA) – Speaker: Christian González Billault (CHI)
5:59:54 Break
6:33:00 Plenary Lecture 2: ”Role of Ca2+-Induced Ca2+ Release in Neuronal Function” Speaker: Cecilia Hidalgo (CHI) – Chair: Christian González Billault (SCN-CHI)

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