00:00 We will start shortly the Symposium
2 20:40 SYMPOSIUM 2: Animal model diversity in neuroscience – Chair: María Eugenia Pedreira (SAN-ARG)
22:14 Speaker 1: Julieta Sztarker (ARG): “Optic flow processing centers: The crab doesn’t fall far from the arthropods phylogenetic tree”
42:05 Speaker 2: Flavio Zolessi (URU): “Cross road blues: the role of Slit2 in the development of the zebrafish optic pathway”
1:00:44 Speaker 3: Kerstin Schmidt (BRA): “Studying the evolution of visual cortical circuits in outstanding species”
1:23:50 Speaker 4: Jimena Sierralta (CHI): “Neuro-muscular junction as a glutamatergic synapse model”
1:43:40 Final remarks

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