00:00 We will start shortly Day
2 22:22 Plenary Lecture 3: “A decade of research on smoked cocaine” Speaker: Cecilia Scorza (URU) – Chair: Giselle Prunell (SNU-URU)
1:28:22 Break 1:42:25 SYMPOSIUM 3: “Glial cells in health and disease” – Chair: Patricia Cassina (SNU-URU)
1:43:23 Speaker 1: Lorena Rela (ARG): “In search of modulators of nerve plasticity and repair”
1:59:09 Speaker 2: Flavia Gomes (BRA): “Astrocyte functions in aging: a double-edged sword?”
2:22:10 Speaker 3: Felipe Court (CHI): “Participation of glial cells in degenerative and regenerative axonal programs.”
2:43:23 Speaker 4: Rafael Posada-Duque (COL): “Extracellular vesicle from astrocytes as mediators of cell-cell communication and neurodegeneration tracers.”
3:01:00 Final remarks
3:35:20 Lunch Break
4:55:55 Improving FALAN – Chair: Elaine Del Bel (FALAN)
5:13:00 Speaker: Ana Silva (SNU-URU): Towards a code of conduct in FALAN

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