00:00 We will start shortly the symposium 4
19:20 SYMPOSIUM 4: “Neurodegeneration and aging” – Chair: Gloria Patricia Cardona (COLNE-COL)
21:03 Speaker 1: Gonzalo Arboleda (COL): “Nuclear receptors: potential therapeutic target for Alzheimer´s disease.”
49:18 Speaker 2: Luis Barbeito (URU): “Glial cell senescence and neurodegeneration”
1:14:45 Speaker 3: Andrea Paula Lima (CHI): ”RyR2 partakes in the mitochondrial dysfunction caused by amyloid-beta oligomers”
1:42:45 Speaker 4: Lionel Muller Igaz (ARG): “Translational abnormalities in neurodegenerative diseases: focus on TDP-43.”
2:06:17 Final remarks

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