00:00 We will start shortly Day 3
16:50 Elaine del Bel present last day.
17:50 Plenary Lecture: “How the hypothalamic circuits mediate innate and contextual fear responses to predatory threats.” – Speaker: Newton Canteras (BRA) – Chair: Grace Schenatto (SBNeC-BRA)
1:18:50 Break
1:34:00 SYMPOSIUM 5: “Neuroscience and education” – Chair: Francesco M. Rossi (SNU-URU)
1:36:30 Speaker 1: Roberto Lent (BRA): “(Neuro)Science for Education”
1:55:32 Speaker 2: Andrea Paula Goldin (ARG): “How can cognitive neurosciences contribute to education. A case report”
2:11:46 Speaker 3: Juan Carlos Valle Lisboa (URU): “Cognitive Science is the bridge between Neuroscience and Education”
2:30:17 Speaker 4: Norberto Garcia-Cairasco (BRA): “Building Citizenship with the Network Science, Arts, Education and Society – ScienArtES.”
2:48:00 Final remarks
3:17:10 Lunch break
4:42:50 Supporting FALAN – Chair: Grace Schenatto (SBNeC-BRA)
4:44:30 Speaker: Daniel Olazabal: LATBRAIN initiative an update
4:56:25 Speaker: Fernando Stefani (ARG): Latin-American pitfalls for funding
5:44:00 Final remarks
5:52:27 CLOSING: Elaine del Bel, Belén Elgoyhen, Patricia Cassina, Paola Haeger and Gloria Cardona
6:06:17 Deborah Suchecki (SBNeC): 3er FALAN Congress announcement at Belem 2022

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